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    The following Copper & Aluminum Wire Data Chart are require a separate viewerAdobe® Acrobat ® PDF to display and print. Click here. Acrobat® Reader® is a free program from Adobe Software which displays ".PDF" files. This new file format is quickly becoming an Internet standard for presenting the kind of information in the CATALOGUE IMAGE OUTLINE and catalog pages. The Acrobat Reader 3.0 can run as a "plug-in" to your Netscape or I.E. browser, or as a stand-alone application.

    Click the following Data Chart or print a high resolution image Data Chart below :

    Copper & Aluminum Data Chart

    The above chart show you the size of bare diameter and Ohms per 1,000 Ft for Aluminum & Copper

    Copper & Aluminum Resistance Convertion Table The above chart show you to correct or convert resistance of Aluminum & Copper


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