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UL Recognized Magnet Wire (OBMW2) UL File No. E158033

BCwire brand Magnet Wires are being an industrial high quality products made to meet all customers' need for various applications used in the manufacture of Motors, Transformers, Inverter and Coils. Our UL recognized magnet wires comply with ANSI/NEMA Standard. Produces copper, aluminum insulated magnet wire, Shielded wire and Corona resistant wire. Thermal Class 130°C, 155°C, 180°C, 200°C, 220°C.
e.g. MW3C, MW24, MW26, MW28, MW30, MW35, MW36, MW37, MW73, NW74, MW75, MW76, MW77, MW78, MW79, MW80, MW82, MW83, MW85, MW102, MW130, MW131

P. Leo is committed to manufacturing and distributing the best quality magnet wires to her customers worldwide. We strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by providing quality products at reasonable prices.

Our wire enameling machines equipped with inline wire drawing system and online high pot testing, This machine solves essentially the contradiction of different directions between wire drawing and enameling during process and it improves greatly the surface performance and mechanical and electrical properties of enameled wires. We can provide Fully insulated (FIW) zero-defect polyurethane enamelled round copper wire with nominal conductor diameter of 0.040 mm to 1.60 mm with UL approval MW85-C according to IEC 60317-56 .

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