UL FILE NO. E158033



Zero-defect enamelled round

The wire with high thermal class, Zero-defect strengthened insulation and high voltage resistance compliance with IEC60317-56(publication 2012.05)/IEC60950U. with nominal conductor diameter 0.04mm to 1.6mm, class 180°C.

  • OBJT2 UL approval (UL File No.E491285) Cat. #FIW-xB, FIW-xF.
  • MW85-C NEMA standard (UL file No.E158033) Cat. Number FIW

The wire can meet the requirements of miniaturized components, good winding performance and low cost, applied small transformer, electronic switch etc. The wire is the best substitute material for TIW (Triple Insulated Wire).

Our Magnet Wire "FIW" over 30 times coating meet to the following Grade of FIW3, FIW4, FIW5 up to FIW9 e.g. FIW3 0.050mm wire Max Overall Diameter 0.072mm and Min. Breakdown Voltage is 3,000 Volt. FIW8 0.050mm wire Max Overall Diameter 0.127mm and Min. Breakdown Voltage is 8,000 Volt.


1. High thermal class 180°C ;(only 105°C-130°C for TIW Single and Multi-layer Insulated winding wire);

2. High break down voltage >15KV;

3. High insulation resistance, 6000Vrms,1min;

4. Solderable, 390°C, 2s;(no need to peel insulation);

5. High cut-through temperature, 250°C, 2s no cut through, Air Reflow(260°C), no crack;

6. Color option: Natural (N)/ Red (R)/ Green(G)/ Blue(B)/ Violet(V)/ Brown(Br)/ Yellow(Y);

7. Very good winding performance, suitable for high speed winding machine.

8. Small size available, minimum dia 0.040mm, no extruded wire in such size is available;

9. Low cost, roughly half of TIW Single and Multi-layer Insulated winding wire.


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